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Our Approach

We at Viola Lawn Service and Landscaping LLC understand how important it is to have your business operate as usual no matter what the weather may be. Outlined below are the steps we take to ensure the safety of our clients, their employees and the general public. ‚Äč
Pre Winter Preparation
Prior to the winter season, a site visit is conducted for each property, and curbs and snow staging areas are marked. Drivers and operators are shown the site, site hazards, such as fire hydrants, handicap stalls, etc. are noted and a snow removal plan is developed for each specific site. This allows our drivers, operators and sidewalk crew to show up for any event and they know exactly what needs to be done, and where the snow needs to be placed.  
Storm Management 
We understand how unpredictable winters in Connecticut can be. That is why we constantly track and monitor the weather throughout the winter months so you don't have to. Using a variety of sources and weather trackers we are able to stay up to date monitoring the weather 24/7. By doing this, we are able to act quickly when any weather strikes and treat our clients as quickly as possible.   
Pretreating a property before a storm is crucial in our snow management operation. Pretrating a property does a number of things:
  • Raises the ground temperature  
  • Helps to reduce a bond between the precipitation and the asphalt and concrete allowing for a cleaner removal of precipitation
  • Increases time between accumulated precipitation allowing time for our crews to get onsite and begin the snow removal process
Plowing and sidewalk snow removal 
Depending on the size of the property we have a variety of pieces of equipment that can handle anything.  We have various size trucks with plows and sanders, skid steers with plows to get in the tighter areas, and loaders with pushers to clear large lots quickly and efficiently.  We also have dedicated sidewalks crews that use a variety of smaller motorized equipment, snow blowers and shovels, to quickly and efficiently clear all sidewalks, steps and handicap ramps.    
Safety is our number one concern when it comes to snow removal and de-icing.  After and during a snow and ice events we treat our properties using a variety of salt, sand/salt mix, and calcium chloride to treat our properties to ensure the safety of our clients, their employees, and the general public.    
Snow Hauling 
Certain sites require the removal of snow to either an onsite storage area or offsite completely. We have a variety of loaders, skid steers and dump trucks that can efficiently remove and stack snow. Whether the snow needs to be removed after every storm, or on a case by case basis, we have all the necessary equipment to handle it.